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Complete Information Package on Group Washing Facilities Now Available

Complete Information Package on Group Washing Facilities Now Available

The Fit for School program in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) recently released two manuals and a video on group washing facilities. The information package will help address common challenges with the production, distribution, installation and maintenance of group washing facilities in schools.

The “Prefabricated Group Washing Facility: Design, Production, Packaging and Delivery” is a guide intended for the use of governments and organizations with interest in the production of pre-fabricated group washing facilities. The publication provides specific guidance through the production process all the way to the arrival of the facilities in the school.

The “Group Washing Facilities: Assembly Instruction and Maintenance,” on the other hand, is specifically made for the end users of the facilities. A basic orientation video on the installation of group washing facility can accompany the manual. These materials guide school community personnel on proper installation, improvement and maintenance of the facilities to provide children with opportunity to develop daily hygiene habits in schools. They also provide suggestions for beautification of the facility, as well as simple solutions to address technical problems which may arise over time.

This facility is made of galvanized iron water pipes and comes with a detachable bucket for safekeeping purposes during school breaks. It is designed to ensure accessibility, sustainable functionality, cost efficiency, uses minimal amount of water and allows involvement of school and community stakeholders.

Currently, the group washing facilities are used in public elementary schools across ARMM, Philippines as well as in Lao PDR and Cambodia. The Department of Education in ARMM is in the process of producing and distributing 1000 group washing facilities to schools in the region.

A copy of the producer’s guide is available online at:’s_Guide_Prefabricated_Group_Washing_Facility_ARMM_2016.pdf

The user’s guide is also available online at:’s_Guide_Group_Washing_Facilities_ARMM_2016.pdf

Watch the prefabricated group facility installation video in the GIZ Fit for School youtube channel: