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Core Questions and Indicators for WASH in Schools

Click to Download 'Core Questions and Indicators for WASH in Schools'07 SDGs-monitoring-wash-in-schools-2018-August-web2.pdf (0.98 MB)

Click to Download 'Core Questions and Indicators for WASH in Schools'

This document presents recommended core questions to support harmonised monitoring of WASH in schools as part of the SDGs. The questions map to harmonised indicator definitions of “basic” service and to service ladders that can be used to monitor progress. They are intended for use in national or sub-national facility surveys and census questionnaires. If national and sub-national surveys use the questions and response categories in this guide, it will help to improve survey comparability over time and between countries, as well as harmonise data with the SDG definitions for WASH in schools.

The core questions are intended to be (1) applicable for use in different types of data collection mechanisms, (2) relevant in all countries and settings, and (3) provide the minimum criteria for meeting the SDGs for WASH in schools.