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Regional | GIZ | 20.04.2020

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Fit for School Concept: Menstrual Hygiene Management

Click to Download 'Fit for School Concept: Menstrual Hygiene Management'10 Fit for School Concept MHM.pdf (1 MB)

Click to Download 'Fit for School Concept: Menstrual Hygiene Management'

Also available in: KHMER, ENGLISH, NEPALI

The GIZ Regional Fit for School Programme in cooperation with the Sector Programme “Sustainable Sanitation” has developed a MHM in Schools concept, which is modular, culturally adaptable and consists of a primary and secondary intervention package. This publication is providing a comprehensive concept on primary and secondary interventions that are needed for Menstrual Hygiene Management in schools. Components of MHM Capacity Development in Schools are illustrated. The compiled list of needed components is based on the WHO-UNICEF JMP Programme Service ladders for monitoring WASH in schools in the SDGs. The publication offers an overview on basic and advanced services. Besides that, the two pager also provides an easy to understand graphic illustrating all features needed for a clean and female friendly toilet.