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Lao PDR | GIZ | UNICEF | 09.10.2015

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Raising Clean Hands in Lao PDR – A Joint Call to Action

Click to Download 'Raising Clean Hands in Lao PDR – A Joint Call to Action'UNICEF Raising Clean Hands in Lao PDR.pdf (2.03 MB)

Click to Download 'Raising Clean Hands in Lao PDR – A Joint Call to Action'

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in Schools helps fulfil every child’s right to health, education and participation but remains a major challenge for many countries around the world. WASH in Schools is widely recognized as helping countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals – particularly those related to increasing access to primary education, reducing child mortality, improving water and sanitation and promoting gender equality. WASH in Schools keeps children healthy. It keeps children in schools. And it keeps children learning. WASH in Schools helps children realize their basic rights and enables them to grow to their full potential into productive adults that help support and develop the society around them. Lao PDR has made clear progress in recent years. In 2008 less than a third of all primary schools provided water and sanitation facilities. By 2014 this increased to almost half of all primary schools providing such facilities.1 This demonstrates the real progress Lao PDR is making, but also shows there is still some way to go to fulfil every child’s right to water, sanitation and skills-based hygiene education.