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International | Other Organisations | 20.04.2020

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Rethinking School Feeding (World Bank)

Click to Download 'Rethinking School Feeding (World Bank)'05 World Bank Rethinking School Feeding 2009.pdf (1.63 MB)

Click to Download 'Rethinking School Feeding (World Bank)'

This joint publication of the World Food Programme and the World Bank Group, Rethinking School Feeding: Social Safety Nets, Child Development, and the Education Sector, provides a new analysis of school feeding programs. It benefits from combining the World Food Programme’s practical experience in running school feeding programs with the World Bank Group’s development policy dialogue and analysis. It explores how food procurement may help local economies and emphasizes the centrality of the education sector in the policy dialogue on school feeding. This study can help governments, policy makers, donors, nongovernmental organizations, and other partners to explore the costs and benefits of school feeding programs. It can also help them circumnavigate the pitfalls and trade-offs in designing effective programs that are capable of responding quickly to today’s crises, while maintaining fiscally sustainable investments in children’s education and general human potential in the long term.