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International | GIZ | 27.04.2022

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WASHaLOT Group Washing Facility: Knowledge Map

Click to Download 'WASHaLOT Group Washing Facility: Knowledge Map'WASHaLOT Group washing facility Knowledge map.pdf (5.08 MB)

Click to Download 'WASHaLOT Group Washing Facility: Knowledge Map'

This publication is a collection of documents providing general information, guidelines and manuals, webinars, studies and technical instructions for the WASHaLOT.

The WASHaLOT is an innovative group handwashing facility. It is a durable, cost effective, water-saving alternative to conventional handwashing devices, with integrated water reservoir, and can be manufactured and installed using local manufacturers and installers. WASHaLOTs were first developed for schools in the Philippines by the GIZ Fit for School programme in 2013. In collaboration with the Sector Programme for Sustainable Sanitation and the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, the WASHaLOT technology has been improved and since then, been tested and applied in several other countries in Asia and Africa.