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International | Other Organisations | 15.10.2015

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World Bank – Rethinking School Health (2011)

Click to Download 'World Bank – Rethinking School Health (2011)'World Bank Rethinking School Health 2011.pdf (4.8 MB)

Click to Download 'World Bank – Rethinking School Health (2011)'

The Fit for School Program and approach are featured in two chapters of this World Bank publication on school health.

For the goals of Education for All (EFA) to be achieved, children must be healthy enough not only to attend school but also to learn while there. Because school health and nutrition programs specifically benefit poor, sick, and hungry children, they can make a key contribution to achieving EFA’s goals. However, children can benefit only if the programs reach them. Rethinking School Health: A Key Component of Education for All describes how schools have been used as a platform for delivering familiar, safe, and simple health and nutrition interventions to hard-to-reach children in low-income countries. The book’s foreword was written jointly by Elizabeth King of the World Bank, Susan Durston of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and Qian Tang of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), indicating the interagency support for this approach. The book will be of particular interest to those working in the fields of education, health and nutrition, and early childhood development.