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School Reopening: 10 Immediate WASH in Schools Actions!

Fit for School as part of the Global WASH in Schools Network has published an action and results-focused one-pager “10 Immediate WASH in Schools Actions – For School Heads to manage the response to COVID-19”, which can be found HERE

The action and results focused 10 recommendations encompass: 

  1. 1. Handwashing
  2. 2. Water availability
  3. 3. Supplies
  4. 4. Cleaning and disinfecting
  5. 5. Waste management
  6. 6. Physical distancing
  7. 7. Establish a monitoring team
  8. 8. Operation or training
  9. 9. Checklists
  10. 10. Hygiene culture

The WASH in Schools (WinS) Network (GIZ, UNICEF, Save the Children, Water Aid, and others) is a global inter-agency network of WinS practitioners from respective institutions which comprises of over 60 organizations.