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Water: An Essential Component of Hygiene Habit Formation

Water: An Essential Component of Hygiene Habit Formation

World Water Day is globally being celebrated on March 22. Water is essential for life in all dimensions.

The Regional Fit for School Program supports Ministries of Education to carry out improvements on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in schools.  With its implementation, school stakeholders find ways to make water accessible in the schools, which can be used to practice daily hygiene routines such as handwashing and toothbrushing, as well as achieving and maintaining cleanliness in schools with special attention to functionality and cleanliness of the school toilets.

The program is featured as part of the BMZ special edition on Water, along with other topics such as Climate Change, Hunger, and Biodiversity. The Fit for School example is shown in the BMZ website as an exemplar of German Development Cooperation contribution.

Read more about the special feature on water and the Fit for School example here: