The Primary Education Division of the Department of General Education of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) implements the Fit for School Program in Lao PDR, with technical assistance from the GIZ Regional FIT Program. MoES coordinates closely with the Ministry of Health (MoH) in the framework of their School Health Task Force collaboration (on all political levels) for the program steering.

In 2011, program implementation started in 22 model schools in 4 districts of Vientiane Capital, covering 4750 students. Today, Fit for School activities have been adopted by thousands more of and have been integrated into the school support programming by several other development partners, among them the World Food Programme, World Vision, ChildFund, Plan International, and Save the Children.  Combined, the program reaches 150,000 students in over 2,200 schools in all provinces of Lao PDR.

In cooperation with UNICEF, the Fit for School program currently supports to the MoES in adapting the 3-Star Approach to the Lao context in order to develop a national WASH in Schools framework including national standards and a monitoring system to steer future WinS improvement in the country.

Together with the Department of Early Childhood Education, the Fit for School program is currently adapting the Fit for School instruction materials for use in pre-schools and kindergartens. First orientation trainings for district officers have been conducted. The 3-Star Approach adapted to the Lao context is also being adjusted for children under 5, so that MoES will also be able to monitor and reward improvement of WASH in pre-schools across the country.

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