The program partnered with the World Food Programme in Oudomxay province to pilot the combination of the WFP school lunch program with the FIT approach to increase the behavior of handwashing with soap before eating. A short video highlighting this successful cooperation has been produced. An accompanying survey found that as a result of the intervention all schools had good access to water, an improved sanitation situation and more group cleaning schedules and materials. The hygiene situation significantly improved, with now 100% of schools having handwashing facilities with soap and water.

Under the comprehensive education reform program Basic Education Quality and Access in Lao PDR (BEQUAL), a consortium of 4 NGOs (Plan International, ChildFund, Save the Children and World Vision) was directly commissioned to provide support to 213 schools in 5 provinces. Fit for School has been chosen as one of the key elements of school support, aiming to improve hygiene in the consortium´s target schools. Now after the end of the commissioned project phase, FIT is still coordinating with these 4 and further NGOS, who use FIT materials as part of their school support programming.