In 2015, the Fit for School approach was expanded to Tanzania through GIZ’s Water and Sanitation programme, funded by BMZ. The adaptation of the approach to the Tanzanian context was the result of a collaborative effort of the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training (MoEST), GIZ and UNICEF.

In the first year of implementation, Fit for School in Tanzania focused on a package of three key interventions: daily group handwashing with soap, creating healthy school environments, and improvement of sanitation facilities. In the second phase of the program, interventions on drinking water and menstrual hygiene management were also incorporated.

Key Aspects of Implementation

As part of the launching of the programme in Tanzania, cleaning materials were provided to schools to support the creation of health school environments. Schools also received group handwashing facilities, based on the WASHaLOT 2.0 design to enable the children to practice daily group handwashing.

The programme also supported the rehabilitation of toilets in target schools, resulting in toilets that are easier to clean and more user-friendly. To support schools to introduce MHM, sanitary pads and incinerators for sanitary pads were also provided to schools.

Capacity development materials were adapted from the Regional Fit for School programme to apply to the Tanzanian context. Additional capacity development efforts included strengthening School WASH (SWASH) clubs.

Key Achievements

Piloting focused in the Kilimanjaro region and reached 17,146 pupils in 20 schools in the first year of implementation. In the second year of implementation, the programme was expanded to an additional 12 schools.


GIZ worked closely with UNICEF to support the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training to adapt the Fit for School approach to their context.

Two Tanzanian NGOs supported the implementation on behalf of GIZ: Sanitation and Water Action (SAWA) in Temeke Municipal Council in Dar-es-Salaam region; and, Childreach in Moshi District Council and Moshi Municipal Council.